Simple Writing Habits to Complete Your First Novel

I came across this article, written by Leo Babuata, that deals with developing good writing habits. A lot of these are logical ideas you’ve probably already heard, but reinforcing those ideas and putting them into practice is another thing. I think his approach is simple and very do-able; it’s just a matter of focus and self-motivation to start writing and stay in the habit of writing everyday. I already follow some of these writing practices myself; and there are others I need to improve on. Leo emphasizes the importance of writing at least 30 minutes a day (preferably 1 to 2 hours), keeping a notebook full of ideas constantly by your side, and the ever critical aspect of revising your work.

“Complete Your First Book with these 9 Simple Writing Habits” by Leo Babuata
Your first book isn’t going to happen by itself. If writing a novel or non-fiction book is something you’ve dreamed of, the only way to make that dream a reality is by putting it into action — day by day. Read more …

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