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10000 BC, the movie, ancient cilization, history, pre-historicI almost exclusively stick to medieval history when posting on my site, but I’m curious about the new movie 10,000 B.C. The story follows the life of young hunter whose love interest is taken captive, and then he sets out with a small group to pursue the captors and save her. The movie premiered this past weekend and took in around $35 million. It has received overwhelmingly negative reviews from everything I’ve read. Only 7% of critics with Rotten Tomatoes gave the movie a positive review, and according to Metacritic, the film averaged a score of 37 out of 100.

Watch the trailer.

The story is not based on an actual historical event — finding enough archaelogical evidence to re-create this time period accurately is extremey difficult. By comparison, ancient Egypt began around 3,150 B.C., so you have to go back 7,000 years just to reach 10,000 B.C. Some would argue they have uncovered ancient civilizations dating back to this time period and long before. Others claim humans have only been around for 8,000 years or so. Depending on what theory you subscribe to, you can make a good case for either point-of-view. I haven’t studied this era extensively; my knowledge is limited, so I couldn’t even say what the oldest archaelogical find of human civilization dates to. It seems there are lots of competing claims out there with everyone wanting to say they have found evidence of the oldest humans. I’ll leave that debate for the experts.

There was a documentary on the History Channel last night called Journey to 10,000 B.C. Did anyone see it? Here’s the show description from the History Channel website.

Discover the thrilling real story of life on earth in prehistoric times. Viewers will go back in time to when early humans are just starting to inhabit North America and huge climate fluctuations cause a mini-Ice Age. The saber tooth cat, the giant ground sloth and the woolly mammoth are suddenly becoming extinct. How does man survive? Travel to early archaeological sites in North America and watch as scientists uncover fossilized bones, ancient homes and weapons of stone. State-of-the-art green-screen computer animation re-creates the great mammoth hunts of the time.

 I have it on Tivo, and hopefully, I’ll get the chance to watch some of it tonight. 

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