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Cunning of the Dove, Alfred Duggan, historical fiction, medieval history, medieval England, medieval Britain, Edward the ConfessorThe Cunning of the Dove by Alfred Duggan

Product Details:

Paperpack – 256 pages
Publisher – Phoenix Press (2007)

Novel Description:

St. Edward the Confessor, King of the English, is commonly despised by historians. He was the last of his dynasty, and after his death his country was conquered by foreigners—which was exactly what he wanted. In this chilling, fast-paced novel, the different customs, races, and languages of England during the Dark Ages, as well as the period’s violence and struggle for power, all come vividly back to life. The authenticity and sense of place have seldom been bettered.

Not a lot I could find online about this book, so I had to skip the chapter excerpt. There was only one customer review of it on Amazon. Anyone else read it?

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