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Since I’m only doing these types of posts once a week, I thought it made sense to change the title. I plan to begin posting more regularly as before; other work related things have kept me from doing so.

Daughters of the Grail by Elizabeth Chadwick

Product Details:

Paperback – 448 pages
Publisher – Sphere (2006)
Average Customer Review on Amazon – 5 stars

Editorial Review from Literary Times:

In thirteenth century France, it is the Cathars who are persecuted by the Catholic Church. Although Bridget is not a Cathar, her heritage makes her dangerous to the church. She possesses mystical abilities to heal because she is a descendent of Mary Magdalene. Her gift of healing is her legacy as well as her curse. While some people revere her, there are those who would brand her a heretic and kill her as they killed her mother. But Bridget cannot turn her back on her duty– to carry on the bloodline and bear a daughter of her own. Raoul de Montvallant is a Catholic, but tolerant of the Cathars just as his father has always been. In fact, his young wife Claire has taken an interest in the religion. When he is forced to participate in a bloody crusade, Raoul rebels and saves several women and children of the Cathar faith. He does not know that the man he opposes, Simon de Montfort, will do anything to gain revenge for Raoul’s betrayal. Simon will make Claire suffer in the worst possible way and take over the Montvallant lands– all in the name of faith. The paths of Raoul and Bridget are destined to cross because Bridget knows Raoul will play an important role in her life. But she realizes his heart belongs to Claire and their time together is meant to be brief. Bridget cannot be bound to a man, not even one she loves. For Raoul, Bridget is a beautiful, magical woman who has saved his life. But his feelings for her are woven with feelings of guilt for not being with Claire when she needed him most. In the midst of violence, hatred and intolerance, the next generation of children will have to choose their own paths. For Bridget’s daughter, her healing abilities make her as vulnerable as her mother, but she is bound by her bloodline. Unlike her mother, she wants to find a man to share her life with. It is Simon de Montfort’s bastard son who will discover his true destiny is with a daughter of the grail.Magnificent! Rich in historical detail! Elizabeth Chadwick has written a beautiful novel! A poignant and emotionally gripping story! Destined to become a classic! Elizabeth Chadwick is wonderful! Her writing is pure magic! This book will be remembered for a long, long time! Daughters of the Grail will take your breath away!Kristina Wright — Copyright © 1994-97 Literary Times, Inc. All rights reserved –This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

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