Michael Crichton’s Last Word – Two More Novels to Come

A few months ago, I wrote my farewell post to Michael Crichton in the wake of his passing, but I’ve recently learned that Crichton left behind one finished novel, and another, nearly a third completed. Crichton’s publisher announced these two novels will be published over the next year and a half.

Crichton is the author of such technological thrillers as Timeline and Jurassic Park, and a personal favorite of mine, Eaters of the Dead (historical fiction set in the medieval period).

Read the full story on the NY Times website.

4 thoughts on “Michael Crichton’s Last Word – Two More Novels to Come”

  1. Wow, that IS exciting. I’ve been a huge Crichton fan for a long time. Timeline is a favorite of mine, as is Sphere and The Great Train Robbery. I haven’t been a fan of his most recent work, but I’ll still look forward to these reads.

  2. I think Timeline is my favorite of all his novels. Followed by Prey, Eaters of the Dead, and Jurassic Park. I never did read Sphere or the Great Train Robbery. Saw the movie of Sphere, but never read the book.

    I agree with you about his later works. I own Next, but I just couldn’t get into the story or any of the characters. It hopped around way too much between perspectives. Was difficult to keep everything and everybody straight in my mind. I heard State of Fear was similar in the quick switching of perspectives.

  3. “State of Fear” was pretty anti-climatic and left me flat. “Oh, that’s it?” was all I could think of. What are your thoughts about these last two novels being published? Do you think they could run the risk of tarnishing his legacy if they aren’t well-received? Or do you think that his legacy is on solid ground?

  4. I think he will be remembered fondly regardless of how these two novels turn out. He achieved great heights with his earlier novels and those in the middle of his career, and you can’t take that away from him. I do hope these last two go back to his older style. The quick jumping from character to character in his later novels became very confusing.

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