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Short Story Submissions

The goal this month — while I’m still awaiting feedback from those reading my novel — is to submit some of my short stories to online publications. I’m leaning toward online publications because I think that would have a wider audience and give me more exposure than a traditional print publication. Plus, I’m not even sure how many people still read short stories in an anthology or print format. I’d like to get others’ opinions on this.

The three short stories I’m thinking of submitting are posted on my site: Exeter Burning, The Sea-Ghost, and The Ravens Beneath the Ash. Any suggestions on which one(s) I should submit? Should I submit all three? If you had to pick one, which one would you choose?

Also, I’ve made a list of possible online publications that accept historical fiction type short stories that I found in the Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market book. If you know of any publications (online as well as traditional) that accept historical fiction short stories, please let me know.

4 thoughts on “Short Story Submissions”

  1. Er….at this point, I think you may need to restrict yourself to publications that accept reprints, since many publications are only interested in stuff that’s never appeared elsewhere, including a person’s blog or personal website.

    I won’t recommend sites simply because I’m absolutely _terrible_ at figuring out what editors want – Stuff I thought might not sell has sold, and stuff that I was sure would sell hasn’t, so, the lesson here is I have no clue. My best advice is to either submit all three and see what happens, or listen to others who have a considerably better eye for what sells than I do.

  2. Mari, that’s something I was not aware of. So anything I’ve posted to my site as part of my writing portfolio is already considered published?

  3. Many editors do consider something you’ve posted to a blog or website (unless it’s locked) published. It’s not a universal policy, and you will certainly find editors who either won’t care or who are willing to republish your work, although in some cases they may ask you to remove the story from your website or blog.

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