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Scott Marlowe discusses promoting and selling your e-books in the Amazon Kindle Store. Scott’s fantasy novel The Hall of the Wood is available for download for only $0.99. The Kindle Store opens a new avenue for authors — whether unknown or well-established — to get their books in front of the public.

8 thoughts on “The Amazon Kindle Store”

  1. My daughter is planning this exact same path for publishing her novels.

    We went to the ACFW conference last year, and after seeing the “process” to get published, she wants to just skip the whole thing. She’s become a firm believer in the new electronic methods, and is convinced they’re going to be the norm in the future.

    We’ll see! I’m pursuing the standard route: Agent first, then Publisher, but I may end up joining her! Its pretty bleak out there.

  2. Steven, Thanks for the shout-out. It’s encouraging to see by the above comments that others are of a like mind.

    I think in many ways the negativity ot self-publishing is diminishing, and with options such as the Kindle store I daresay we may no longer need traditional publishers and agents. (Not as much, anyway. 😉 ) It certainly introduces a new level of convenience and cost-reductions for authors and readers, if nothing else.

  3. I, for one, sure hope that the Kindle store turns the industry on its head. Much like the RIAA and MPAA in the music and film industries, publishing has long been a middle man, depriving hard working authors of the full value of their work. Brick and mortar stores are failing (Borders appears to be going bankrupt) and people are reading less overall.

    I don’t own a Kindle (I think the price point is just a bit too high) but I think it’s a very cool device. I’m not willing to read books on the backlit screen of a laptop, but the E Ink display of the Kindle almost feels like a real book.

    Sadly, it will be quite some time before we can wave goodbye to publishers forever.

  4. Robert – keep me posted on how the process goes for your daughter; the electronic option may be something I very much consider for my novel in the future; of course, I still have to hammer out a few more drafts. My selected critique group is slow to provide me feedback. Slackers 🙂 Hopefully, I can start editing again by end of summer.

    Scott — you’re welcome. Have you tried the traditional route before, or have you solely stuck with electronic format? I’ve read some of your novel on your site. You have a real nice, clean style. If I had a Kindle, I’d download the entire thing.

    Ben — I really hope options like the Kindle store provide huge success for authors. Traditional publishing is such a difficult route, oftentimes subjective, and only a small percentage of people ever truly succeed. There are lots of good novels out there that are never given a chance. It’s a shame.

  5. Steven—Thanks for the kinds words. I had a short piece pub’ed years ago, but nothing in novel format. I’m working on a novel now that I’m leaning towards not even pushing the traditional way but using distribution through my web site and the Kindle store.

    Seems like the greatest barrier to selling on the Kindle store is the fact that many people simply don’t own the device. I, myself, don’t own one! Too expensive, IMO. When it comes down, though, I’ll be first in line.

  6. “I hope to get one later this year.”

    Same here. I would expect a holiday reduction in price right around Thanksgiving/Christmas. It’s a little crazy to spend $350 on one right now. I don’t think I can read fast enough to justify the number of books I’d have to read on it at that price, anyway.

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