Construction of a Medieval Castle in Arkansas

My friend Linda McCabe has posted an article about a medieval castle being built in Arkansas. It’s part of a project to reconstruct a castle based on the actual methods used in the Middle Ages. The project is called the Ozark Medieval Fortress, and it began in June 2009. By 2010, the construction site will be open for visitors. In twenty years, the actual castle will be complete.

Each stone will be cut by using hammers and chisels and then hewn by hand to an exact shape dictated by the masons. Currently, the project is hiring stone cutters and masons. Details can be found on the Web site. The project is also in need of volunteers. Many volunteers who helped out on a similar project in France used their holiday time to take part in the construction. Likely, the Ozark project will need volunteer blacksmiths, carpenters, tile makers, rope makers, tree cutters, etc.  You may contact the project on its Web site with any questions.

Linda has posted some nice photos of the project on her Web site, so check them out, and if you can help out in any way with this socio-historic project, please do so.

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  1. You can go live near the castle in Arkansas if you volunteer 🙂 They are constructing temporary houses for the workers around the site.

  2. At least I have recommended to them that they construct some rustic cabins to help house volunteers from out of the area.

    Drop them an email at their website and tell them you are interested in volunteering.

    You would have to be really patient to want to live in that castle as it is projected to take 20 years to be completed. Living at a construction site for that long might be a bit tiresome after awhile.

  3. I can’t wait to see the finished product. Of course, by the time it’s done, a fourth of my life will be over, so maybe I can wait 🙂

  4. I am personally working on the project as a mason, this is the most awsome thing I have ever been a part of. I have been thier since the ground breaking. Think about this, how many people can say that they helped build a 13th century castle. It is a new feeling of wow everyday!

  5. Glad to hear the excitement about the Ozark Medieval Fortress project!! We are, as well, excited and working like busy bees every day to update our website, and form the rest of a team as enthusiastic as Terry! Thank you for helping us spread the word.
    Julie Sonveau
    General Manager
    Ozark Medieval Fortress

  6. You’re welcome, Julie. I’m excited about the project. Sounds like a great endeavor. Can’t wait to see the finished structure years from now!

  7. Hi Julie, finally got to met you, I have enjoyed seeing your excitement on this job. your presence here has been a welcome sight. Hearing your input has put me in a whole new level of wow. hearing more about the plans has gotten me more exited, can’t wait to see what’s next.

  8. The castle site appears to be abandoned. A pity someone didn’t update
    their websites. Today, Sept 10, 2012, we drove for 2 hours only to find
    nothing happening with this so called castle construction. In fact the 50
    acre site has a For Sale sign on it and it appears to have been abandoned
    for quite some time. Greatly disappointed.

  9. Hi Joe, I wasn’t aware the project had been abandoned. I know it was a 20 year plan or so to complete construction, so it may be on hold due to funding for the time being. But if you saw a for-sale sign, then I’m not sure. I will see what I can find out.

  10. Joe,
    The website does have a notice on the banner that they are not taking reservations. In January when they announced the sad news that they were not going to open for the 2012 season, the website said that it was being closed for financial reasons. It was changed somewhat to the opening being delayed.

    The owners are looking either for someone to purchase the site or investors who will help finance the construction. This is a wonderful idea, and the location is not too far from Branson, Missouri which is a major tourist attraction. Unfortunately, I think many Americans heard that it was a twenty year project and thought they’d visit later on when there was more built. That meant that the project didn’t have a sustainable income stream to support the current expenses.

    I blogged about this last January when I first heard the news:

    If you know of any millionaires who love castles and Medievalism that would be willing to buy and/or invest in the project, please let me know. I would forward that information to the owners.

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