Upstart Scottish Publishing Company Seeks to Reward New Writers

According to Scotland’s Sunday Herald, young 22-year-old Mark Buckland has launched a new publishing house in Glasgow called Cargo. Buckland states: “I have been frustrated at seeing young writers, people under 35, struggling to get anywhere in the Scottish industry. There is a lack of opportunities, a lack of people willing to take chances, and I just felt a lot of excellent work was being lost because of economics or the agendas of big publishing houses. I am trying to rectify that situation.”

In addition to routine print publishing, Cargo also intends to distribute books via e-readers, mp3 players, and iTunes. Using iTunes, Buckland plans to release audio books on a chapter-by-chapter basis to continually influence readers’ interests and purchasing decisions.

Read the entire article at the Sunday Herald, Scotland’s award-winning independent newspaper.

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