On TV: The Real Robin Hood

Show: The Real Robin Hood
Channel: The History Channel
Time: ??

“The subject of ballads, books and films, Robin Hood has proven to be one of popular culture‚Äôs most enduring folk heroes. But how has the legend of Sherwood Forest’s merry outlaws evolved over time, and did a real Robin Hood inspire these classic tales?”

I meant to record the Real Robin Hood when it came on the History Channel. I’m looking for another time when it might be coming on again. Did anyone see it?

4 thoughts on “On TV: The Real Robin Hood

  • I did. I thought it was quite good. They not only interview Russell Crowe and Ridley Scott but some others who are actual professionals in the medieval field. I recognized several faces from other History Channel shows, notably the guy who gives the explanations of the armor, weapons, and horses. They also give a nice background in the history of Robin Hood, including separating fact from fiction.

    The movie is not getting very good reviews, but from what I’ve read of the critiques it sounds like a great period piece (just not something your average Joe looking for Costner’s Robin Hood is going to enjoy).

  • The only segment I saw was when the guy was demonstrating some of the weapons. I like that guy. He’s fairly entertaining, and a pretty good shot with the longbow. Would Robin Hood actually have used a longbow?

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