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From the Copenhagen Post:

A new study of rune stones from Viking times shows that many of the carvings are meaningless

After studying about a thousand inscriptions on ancient rune stones scattered around Scandinavia, a researcher from Uppsala University in Sweden has come to the conclusion that many of the carvings are gibberish.

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6 thoughts on “More on Runes

  • after reading the entire article, I have to say that that is the most asinine theory from a so-called expert I have ever seen. He should be fired.

  • Is he saying that these inscriptions were the Viking equivalent of Japanese Engrish t-shirt slogans, then?

  • This is such a bizarre theory that I can’t really say much about it except in splutters. You don’t have to be literate in the formal sense to know runes, in part because the runic alphabet was so easy to learn, and it cold be quickly passed around. I really doubt that the runes carved on these stones was “gibberish”, and even unlettered people probably knewwhat the runes meant, even if this academic doesn’t.

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