Pillars of the Earth, Starz

The 8-part mini series Pillars of the Earth, based on the novel by Ken Follett, premieres this Friday, July 23, at 10pm ET / PT on Starz. If you don’t have Starz, you should be able to watch the episodes online.

There is also an amplified edition of the novel being released to go along with the series.

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10 thoughts on “Pillars of the Earth, Starz”

  1. That’s a fairly rough review.

    I know the first couple of episodes are already available on Starz On Demand. A friend on mine who has watched them already said it was pretty good, but it seems to rush through the story too quickly. I guess they’d have to given an 8 part mini-series compared to a 1000 page book.

    I’ll watch it, but after reading that review, I’m not sure I’ll finish it.

  2. I loved both of the books and I was so excited to see that they made it into a mini-series.

    There’s always a mild form of disappointment seeing a loved book in the visual format because of pacing, characters, and certain plot elements.

    But, I’ve seen the first two episodes, and I’m certain that I’ll be watching the rest. I like watching the differences even if they are off from the book I loved so much. 🙂

  3. Tiffany, Pillars is certainly one of my favorite all-time books. I liked World Without End but not as much as Pillars. If I had read World Without End first then I might have liked it better.

    I hear Netflix is streaming the episodes of the mini-series, so I plan to catch up on it there. I haven’t started yet. I imagine it will be hard to top the book though. It seems like they’ll have to rush through parts if they are to fit it in within an eight part mini-series.

  4. I think the series is off to a good start (two hours in). I like the way there is more offered on the historical characters (though the inevitable stretching of the historical record comes with that). I also like the way the series has sharpened and brought in with more intensity the secret, and Ellen’s curse, surrounding Jack’s father’s execution. I did not like the “Ellen-is-a-witch” trial, and think they may back themselves into a corner on that. But we’ll see what comes in the next six hours.

  5. I am about to start watching this show. I wanted to wait until they are all On Demand or on Netflix so I can watch them uninterrupted. This show looks amazing and since The Tudors ended I can quench my medieval thirst with this.

  6. John, I haven’t checked yet, but how many are available on Netflix right now? I think I’ll do the same and wait until they are all there.

    I never did finish watching the Tudors. I got through most of Season 2, but got bogged down because it was the same argument over and over about should he be permitted to marry Anne Boleyn or not. The Pope would never give his approval, and Henry kept trying to get it. Every now and then, I pick back up where I left off. Eventually, I’ll get through it all.

  7. Steven, It really picks up after season 2. I won’t spoil anything for you but I highly recommend finishing season 2 and watching the final seasons. There are currently 3 episodes of Pillars on Netflix with the 4th probably coming out next week as it aires this Friday.

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