Famous medieval village to lose cobbled streets

A perfectly preserved medieval village is set to lose its iconic cobbled streets over health and safety fears, it emerged today.

Cobbled road surfaces and paths in the historic settlement of Dunster, Somerset – which dates back to the Bronze and Iron Age Britain – have been deemed ‘too dangerous’ for pedestrians.

The village – famed for its castle – is regarded as one of the most-perfectly preserved medieval villages in England.

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4 thoughts on “Famous medieval village to lose cobbled streets”

  1. Yikes! When is the desecration supposed to happen? Can I get over there to see history before it gets ruined? *checking savings & shaking head sadly* Doesn’t look good for a trip over soon.

    Make cars and airplanes safe, and highways and buildings, but honestly! Ancient cobbled streets? Pave over the world, why don’t you, so no one trips over a stray rock or bump in the earth. Sheesh.

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