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Christmas Gift Ideas: Novels

Medieval Historical Fiction

Agincourt - Bernard Cornwell Title: Agincourt
Author: Bernard Cornwell
The Burning Land - Bernard Cornwell Title: The Burning Land (Book 5, Saxon Stories)
Author: Bernard Cornwell
The Scarlet Lion - Elizabeth Chadwick Title: The Scarlet Lion
Author: Elizabeth Chadwick
Watermark: A Novel of the Middle Ages - Vanitha Sankaran Title: Watermark: A Novel of the Middle Ages
Author: Vanitha Sankaran
Rashi’s Daughters - Maggie Anton Title: Rashi’s Daughters, Book III
Author: Maggie Anton
Forever Queen - Helen Hollick Title: The Forever Queen
Author: Helen Hollick


Prince of Storms - Kay Kenyon Title: Prince of Storms (Book 4)
Author: Kay Kenyon
Dragon Haven - Robin Hobb Title: Dragon Haven (Rain Wild series, Vol. 2)
Author: Robin Hobb
Under Heaven - Guy Gavriel Kay Title: Under Heaven
Author: Guy Gavriel Kay
The Wise Man’s Fear - Patrick Rothfuss Title: The Wise Man’s Fear (Kingkiller Chronicles, 2) Author: Patrick Rothfuss
The Other Lands - David Anthony Durham Title: The Other Lands (Book 2, Acacia series)
Author: David Anthony Durham
Lamentation - Ken Scholes Title: Lamentation
Author: Ken Scholes

2 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Ideas: Novels”

  1. I like how the Scarlet Lion makes a reference to the Scarlet Letter. Also, the book by Bernard Cornwell looks intriguing – Cornwell being hailed as the greatest living historical adventure writer today makes me definitely interested. One book that could be added to Christmas lists in the historical fiction section would be Blood, Money, Power by Andria Corso. It jumps through two different time periods, and involves subtle struggles for wealth amongst three generations of a family.

  2. Cornwell is by far my favorite historical fiction author. I have enjoyed all the books I’ve read by him. I haven’t read the one you mention, “Blood, Money, and Power.” I tend to mostly read only historical fiction set in the medieval period. Occasionally, I read a novel outside that period for fun, but my main focus of study lies in medieval western Europe, mostly England and France.

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