Medieval Fight Book

A clip from Medieval Fight Book on NatGeoTV:

2 thoughts on “Medieval Fight Book”

  1. Nice find! That’s a clever little device, though I suspect it might not hold up against burning oil quite as well as the other implements of defense. I like it, though, all the same. Pity movies don’t show the usage of these less-than-sexy medieval tactics.

  2. Sorry for the delayed response, Bill. This is the first chance I’ve had to edit my site in a couple of days due to my other workload.

    Yes, it is a cool little device. I’m not sure how flame retardant a device like that would be. It’s made of hard boiled leather, so it should not burn that easily. If it did burn easily, it would be almost useless for the attackers to try and use a device like that.

    As for seeing it in the movies, I guess Hollywood feels like it would look a bit silly on the big screen. Not very dramatic, or like you said, sexy.

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