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Feudal Society: Vol 1: The Growth and Ties of Dependence by Marc BlochFeudal Society: Vol 1: The Growth and Ties of Dependence by Marc Bloch

Paperback: 324 pages
Publisher: Routledge; 2 edition (November 16, 1989)
ISBN-10: 0415039169

Product Description:

Feudal Society is the masterpiece of one of the greatest historians of the century. Marc Bloch’s supreme achievement was to recreate the vivid and complex world of Western Europe from the ninth to the thirteenth centuries. For Bloch history was a living organism, and to write of it was an endless process of creative evolution and of growing understanding. The author treats feudalism as a vitalising force in European society. He surveys the social and economic conditions in which feudalism developed; he sees the structures of kinship which underlay the formal relationships of vassal and overlord. For Bloch these relationships are mutual as much as coercive, the product of a dangerous and uncertain world. His insights into the lives of the nobility and the clergy and his deep understanding of the processes at work in medieval Europe, are profound and memorable.

Rating: 5 stars on Amazon

I own this book and started reading it the other day. So far, it is really good. I will post a review of it when I’ve finished it. Currently, the author is discussing the Hungarian and “Viking” invasions into Europe and how those invasions changed the European landscape.

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