Medieval History Term of the Week: Bequest


1. a disposition in a will.
2. a legacy: A small bequest allowed her to live independently.

From the Sale & Transfer of an Estate, 704:

To the holy and venerable father in Christ, Rigobert, Lord Abbot of the monastery of Sithiu, I, Eodbert, the vendor, have determined of my own free will to sell to you by undisputed right, and I have so sold to you, to transfer to you, and I have so transferred, all my portion in the place called Rumlingen, in the district of Therouanne. This unsought and sorrowful bequest came from my late son Chardebert and I transfer it to you, whole and entire, with its houses, lands, buildings, serfs, woods, meadows, pastures, lakes, streams, movables and immovables, mills, flocks, and shepherds. I also transfer to you whatever my wife held there, which, at her request, was bequeathed to our son at her death.

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