Writing secrets of prolific authors

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*Source: WriteToDone.com, guest post by David Masters

Isaac Asimov, one of the big three science fiction writers of the twentieth century, published over 500 books including novels, short story collections and non fiction, making him one of the most prolific writers of all time.

Asked by Writer’s Digest magazine for the secret to his prolific writing, Asimov said:
“I guess I’m prolific because I have a simple and straightforward style.” ~Isaac Asimov

The above article covers 9 points:

  • Write in a clear, conversational tone
  • Try to get your first draft down quickly
  • Start with a question
  • Use established structures and plots
  • Treat your writing as a craft
  • Know your motivation for writing and keep it with you as you write
  • Write every day
  • Never give up
  • How much do you need to write

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