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A friend of mine recently introduced me to¬†Write On by Kindle. It’s an Amazon sponsored writing community where writers openly share their writing projects, and readers provide feedback. I just signed up yesterday and posted the first chapter of my novel. From the little I’ve perused thus far, the quality of writing and feedback seems really good.

The first chapter of my novel can be found under my profile. I look forward to posting more here as well as following other writers and giving feedback on other stories. There is an option to browse by genre, and it looks as though the most recently revised stories show up at the top. So if you post new chapters or stories or revise your current stories, this should be a way to have your stories filter back to the top of the queue and hopefully gain more visibility and followers.

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  1. Steven, I came across your blog while doing some research. I read the first chapter of your novel and found myself engrossed. One thing — the line “no one goes in or out” seems too modern for me. It may not be — you may have found this usage through your own research — but I think it will nevertheless jump out at readers (at least those who also watch modern stuff). The rest of the writing seems perfectly in place with the setting, and the plot so far is engrossing.
    Cheers (and thanks for the Kindle information).
    Michael Hickins
    PS one of my novels, Blomqvist, is set in the 11th century; you’ll find it referenced on my website.

  2. Hi Michael,

    Glad you enjoyed it. Now that I re-read my chapter, I do think that phrase seems a little out of place. I’ll have to think of a different way to phrase it. Thanks for pointing that out!

    I will absolutely check out your website. Thanks for pointing me to it!

  3. Hi again Michael. I visited your site and found your book Blomqvist. I will download it to my Kindle when I get home today. Looking forward to reading it. Would you mind if I post a review for it to my site after I’m done? Also, perhaps we could do a Q&A about your novel and writing at some point for my site as well?

    Also I’m curious as to what you were researching when you found my site. I’d be glad to be of assistance if you need my insight on anything medieval related. I’m just an enthusiast/hobbyist for history in my spare time, but I can potentially point you to resources I’ve discovered in my own research.

    And if you ever get the chance to read through my first three chapters, I’d love to get your feedback on chapters 2 and 3 as well. I’ve had a couple of agents read the full manuscript in the past couple of years, but ultimately rejected my novel. I’d love to pinpoint exactly where the story may have veered off for them and they lost interest. Unfortunately, agents never give feedback when rejecting a novel. I’d love it if they just told me at what page they stopped reading, and I could do some self-analyzing based of that little bit of info.

    Thanks again for visiting my site!

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