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san-juan-mountains-creek-170×255.jpgMy life has been fairly simple. Born in Birmingham, Alabama, I grew up in the small suburb of Homewood, and upon graduating high school, I attended the University of Alabama. I majored in Advertising and minored in Marketing, and in 2002, I received my B.A in Advertising, and afterwards went back to Birmingham to work.

I have been involved in web development for the past ten years. In 1998, a friend of mine and I started our own web design company, which we ran for three of four years before deciding to close it due to the many demands of school. Upon graduation from college, I started to work for Southern Progress Corporation, working in the web departments for Southern Living Magazine and Health magazine. While there, I also wrote for Southern Living and Health.com and for the company’s internal newsletter.

I write as often as I can. Not too long ago, I found some stories I had written in elementary school. I used to write a lot even back then. I was fascinated with American history at the time and wrote many short stories about the Western expansion. In middle school, I won first place in a local writing competition, and in high school, I took two years of creative writing and placed third in a short story competition. When you’re fifteen years old and you win a writing competition, you feel like you’ve achieved something amazing. While those victories did nothing to give me national acclaim, they did help me realize my potential as a writer and the motivation to continue writing.

During college, I got out of writing fiction for a while, as my interest turned more to advertising copy and magazine writing. I didn’t start writing fiction again until I registered for a creative writing class my senior year. My professor was great. He was more into poetry, but I learned a lot, and I credit the course with getting me back into writing that which I truly love.

There is nothing more exciting (and as equally frustrating) as writing. I began my first novel the summer after graduation, and I’m currently on the third revision now. I plan to finish this draft by the end of the year, and my goal is to have it published within the next three years. Most likely, it will see two or three more revisions before it is ready for submission.

As a writer, you must truly love what you do, for with it comes very little praise, mounds of rejection, and endless days and nights of frustration. Write because you love the craft, not because you expect to make a lot of money. We can’t all be J.K. Rowling.  I once heard it said that if you have to write, then write. But if you can do something else, do something else.  Me … I have to write.

Please take the time to browse my site, join in the blog discussions, and contact me with any questions, feedback, or reading recommendations you may have.

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