Richard III’s lost chapel near York

From The Press, article by Emily Flanagan ARCHAEOLOGISTS near York believe they have found a chapel built by Richard III to commemorate the Yorkist victory in one of the bloodiest battles ever fought on English soil.As the row continues over whether the Plantagenet king should be buried in York or Leicester, a discovery in a peaceful Read more about Richard III’s lost chapel near York[…]

English Logistics and military administration

English Logistics and military administration, 871-1066: The Impact of the Viking Wars By Richard Abels *Note: article may take a few seconds to load King Harold Godwineson is remembered as one of the great `losers’ in history, the man who provided William the Bastard with the opportunity to earn a more flattering sobriquet. Harold’s defeat at Hastings has Read more about English Logistics and military administration[…]

The Battle of Clontarf

From The battle of Clontarf, fought on Good Friday (23 April) 1014, is one of the most famous events in Irish history. In this conflict the forces of the Munster over-king Brian Boru and his allies were pitched against the armies of north Leinster, Dublin, and viking mercenaries and allies from across the sea. Read more about The Battle of Clontarf[…]