The Top 100 Medieval Castles

“In Europe and Asia more than 10.000 medieval castles can be found. selected the most beautiful and interesting castles and ranked them in a top 100 list. You can contribute by voting on your favorite castles: find the castle, click on it and submit your rating. At the end of a year all […]

Construction of a Medieval Castle in Arkansas

My friend Linda McCabe has posted an article about a medieval castle being built in Arkansas. It’s part of a project to reconstruct a castle based on the actual methods used in the Middle Ages. The project is called the Ozark Medieval Fortress, and it began in June 2009. By 2010, the construction site will […]

Medieval Castles: Old Wardour Castle

Old Wardour Castle, located near Tisbury in the English county of Wiltshire, sits on a slight rise above a lake and was once the home of Baron John Lovell, the fifth Baron Lovell. John Lovell acquired the land from the St. Martin family when Sir Lawrence de St. Martin died in 1385, and John built […]

Kilchurn Castle

The morning mist hovers over Loch Awe, and across the lake, on the northeastern edge, Kilchurn Castle and the mountains beyond reflect in the still waters, transporting visitors back to a time when the Campbells of Glenorchy ruled this region. All that stands today are the castle ruins, but Kilchurn was once the site of […]

Castles Around the World

Beautiful photos of castles from around the world, not all of them medieval (like Neuschwanstein). The colors and compositions are really nice, even though they have been edited in post or are HDR images. The section has been split into three parts:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

The reflection of Kilchurn Castle (Scotland) in the lake is one […]

Hedingham Castle

The 110-foot tall keep of Hedingham Castle still towers above the landscape of modern day England. Surrounded by trees and an open green stretching away from the main entrance stairway, the Norman keep stands as the last remnant of a once magnificent medieval castle.
Home to the de Vere family for five centuries, Aubrey II first […]

Review of Castles of Europe: From Charlemagne to the Renaissance

Castles of Europe: From Charlemagne to the Renaissance
By William Anderson, Photographs by Wim Swaan
Copyright 1970 - Paul Elek Productions, London; Random House, USA
Castles of Europe: From Charlemagne to the Renaissance is an older book — at least the edition I own — and you’ll likely have to find a used copy if you want to […]

Medieval History in 3D

Google’s 3D Warehouse allows you to search through 3D models of various kinds of collections and models that people have sketched. You can find all kinds of medieval related items: castles, buildings, cathedrals, weapons, etc. You can search in broad terms (e.g. - medieval castles), or more specifically, such as Notre Dame Cathedral. The warehouse […]

Medieval Castles: Dunamase

In the County of Laois in Ireland, there stands the ancient ruins of the castle of Dunamase overlooking and dominating the surrounding landscape. Built over a pre-existing fortification, the castle was occupied over the years by people such as Strongbow, Meiler FitzHenry, and William Marshal. The Marshal family occupied the castle until Maud, the daughter […]

Google Maps of Medieval Castles, Cathedrals, and Abbeys

The following maps pinpoint the locations of medieval castles, cathedrals, and abbeys in England. You can zoom in for a satellite view of the structure, or click to read more about each building and its construction timeline.