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Dinsdale Imber Literary Agency

For those searching for agencies that specialize in fantasy and historical fiction, you might take a look at Dinsdale Imber. They do accept and encourage submissions from new authors. Dinsdale Imber is a dedicated independent literary agency, specializing in the best of genre writing: historical fiction, thrillers, fantasy, science-fiction and horror.… Read More »Dinsdale Imber Literary Agency

Mongoliad: Book Three

47North For Immediate Release Elena Stokes, Wunderkind PR, 917.887.0784 Justin Golenbock, 47North, 646-753-5768 47North Celebrates the Publication of THE MONGOLIAD: BOOK THREE by Neal Stephenson, Greg Bear, Mark Teppo, Nicole Galland, Erik Bear, Joseph Brassey, and Cooper Moo New York, NY:   In 2012, fans of Neal Stephenson… Read More »Mongoliad: Book Three

Game of Thrones on HBO

I’ve had the chance to catch the first two episodes of A Game of Thrones on HBO the past two Sundays. Having read the series, my perspective might be different from someone who hasn’t read any of the books before. I could definitely see how someone who hasn’t read the… Read More »Game of Thrones on HBO

Christmas Gift Ideas: Novels

Medieval Historical Fiction Title: Agincourt Author: Bernard Cornwell Title: The Burning Land (Book 5, Saxon Stories) Author: Bernard Cornwell Title: The Scarlet Lion Author: Elizabeth Chadwick Title: Watermark: A Novel of the Middle Ages Author: Vanitha Sankaran Title: Rashi’s Daughters, Book III Author: Maggie Anton Title: The Forever Queen Author:… Read More »Christmas Gift Ideas: Novels

The Fantasy Guide

I stumbled across The Fantasy Guide, which is website run by Will Kalif, who also manages other medieval-based websites. The Fantasy Guide focuses on all things fantasy (surprise) in reading and writing, and includes various topics such as: fantasy book series, fantasy worlds, fantasy themes, authors, heroes and heroines, top… Read More »The Fantasy Guide

Fantasy World Building

If you need help creating a setting for your novel, try these fantasy world building questions. Topics include: The World (Basics, Alternate Earth, Not Earth at All), Physical and Historical Features, Magic and Magicians, Peoples and Customs, Social Organization, Commerce and Trade, Daily Life. All of the questions may not… Read More »Fantasy World Building