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Mongoliad: Book Three

47North For Immediate Release Elena Stokes, Wunderkind PR, 917.887.0784 Justin Golenbock, 47North, 646-753-5768 47North Celebrates the Publication of THE MONGOLIAD: BOOK THREE by Neal Stephenson, Greg Bear, Mark Teppo, Nicole Galland, Erik Bear, Joseph Brassey, and Cooper Moo New York, NY:   In 2012, fans of Neal Stephenson… Read More »Mongoliad: Book Three

Review of Acacia

David Anthony Durham steps into the world of fantasy with his latest novel Acacia: Book One: The War With the Mein. Most known for his historical fiction novels — Gabriel’s Story, Walk Through Darkness, and Pride of Carthage — Durham seems born for the fantasy genre. His characters are compelling,… Read More »Review of Acacia

What is Historical Fantasy?

What is the definition of historical fantasy? How does it differ from historical fiction? Fantasy? I’ve often seen the term “historical fantasy” to classify a certain subgenre of literature but have never really understoood what, exactly, that refers to. What types of works are classified in this category? I did a… Read More »What is Historical Fantasy?