Ghostly faces and invisible verse found in medieval King Arthur text

From Fox News: Ghostly faces and lines of verse previously invisible to the naked eye have been uncovered in the oldest surviving medieval manuscript written entirely in Welsh. “The Black Book of Carmarthen,” dating to 1250, contains texts from the ninth through 12th centuries, including some of the earliest references to Arthur and Merlin. Read Read more about Ghostly faces and invisible verse found in medieval King Arthur text[…]

More news on Richard III

From “They Found Richard III. So Now What?” What the remains of the “hunchback” king can teach us about other English royals The last time Richard III was buried in Leicester, England, he had been taken from a battlefield, slung naked over a horse, stabbed in the buttocks with a dagger and thrown into Read more about More news on Richard III[…]

Oldest cannonball in England found

From Fox News: The oldest surviving cannonball in England has been rediscovered on a medieval battlefield. The cannonball, which was lost for several years, was likely used in the Battle of Northampton in 1460, one of the battles in the decades-long Wars of the Roses. The giant ball has two large dents from a few Read more about Oldest cannonball in England found[…]

Medieval palace uncovered in England

From Fox News: A prehistoric fortress is home to a much later structure: what may be one of the biggest medieval palaces ever discovered, one whose remnants remain buried beneath the ground. The site in southern England is surrounded by huge earthworks that date to the Iron Age. Researchers used ground-penetrating radar and other technology Read more about Medieval palace uncovered in England[…]