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Short Fiction

First Issue of Alt Hist Magazine

The first issue of Alt Hist magazine is available. The current issue features six short stories: “The Silent Judge” by David W. Landrum “Easter Parade, 1930” by Rob McClure Smith “Holy Water” by Andrew Knighton “Lament for Lost Atlanta” by Arlan Andrews “The Bitterness of Apples” by Priya Sharma “Travelling by Air” by Ian Sales Alt… Read More »First Issue of Alt Hist Magazine

Short Story Submissions

The goal this month — while I’m still awaiting feedback from those reading my novel — is to submit some of my short stories to online publications. I’m leaning toward online publications because I think that would have a wider audience and give me more exposure than a traditional print… Read More »Short Story Submissions

Short Story Still in Progress

I’m still working on getting a new short story posted to my site. I’m nearly half-way through editing the first draft now. Then, I’ll post it to Critique Circle, and once I have feedback from other readers, it will go through a few more cycles of editing and revising until… Read More »Short Story Still in Progress

New Short Story in Progress

I’m currently in the process of typing out and editing a new short story. It’s another medieval historical fiction piece set in medieval England. It centers around a cathedral and the theft of a golden cross and the defacing of a saint’s effigy … and murder. After I finish typing… Read More »New Short Story in Progress