This week’s TV shows & schedule – Medieval History

*Times are Eastern Time

History Channel:


The Saxons (12-1pm, and 6-7pm)
Travel with the Saxon pirates as they ravage the British coast. In an orgy of pagan worship, the early Saxon leaders sweep across Britain, facing the Christians and their barbarian brothers in a bloody rivalry for power and land. After witnessing the slaughter of his entire family, Saxon prince, Edwin, flees across Britain, until he’s strong enough to face down his arch-enemy, Aethelfrith, to become one of the greatest kings of his tribe. His power and fame are unparalleled until the young king, Alfred, defends his people against the Viking invaders, uniting his land, and defining what it means to be English.

The Dark Ages (8-10am, 2-4pm)
The Roman Empire, rotten to the core by the fifth century, lay open to barbarian warriors. Europe was beset by famine, plague, persecutions, and a state of war that was so persistent it was only rarely interrupted by peace. These centuries are remembered today as the Dark Ages. Beneath this cloak of darkness were people like Charlemagne, St. Benedict and the Empress Theodora who helped to bridge the gap of civilization between Rome and the Renaissance. Ultimately, these points of light would illuminate the darkness, and Western Europe would rise from the Dark Ages to a level of cultural and political power unseen for a thousand years.

The Plague (10am-12pm, 4-6pm)
It began like the common cold. Then fever, baseball-sized black swellings on the neck, coughing of blood. Few lived more than two days. The year–1347. It was history’s worst biological disaster and almost half of Europe’s population died within three years. Visit the plague ships’ rat-infested holds, witness the terror that swept through the towns, and walk with the religious flagellants. Follow a princess as she travels into the center of the plague, a doctor who struggles to understand what is happening, and a Jewish merchant caught up in violent attacks. Hear the actual words of the victims, taken from diaries and journals. From the Pope’s palace to the humble huts of medieval peasants, watch as people live and die in the unforgiving grip of fear and death, and wonder how we would act if such a terrible event happened today.


Modern Marvels: Castles & Dungeons (8-9am)
Some of the most imposing structures ever built, medieval castles withstood both bloody assaults and the test of time. Designed like machines with nearly every architectural detail devoted to defense, castles represented the perfect fusion of form and function. Journey back to that unruly era as we examine the complexity of their construction and the multipurpose they served–homes to kings and nobles, economic centers, courthouses, treasuries, prisons, and torture chambers.

National Geographic Channel


Is it Real? King Arthur (9:30-10am)
He is a gallant and noble warrior. With the guidance of Merlin, the magician, he leads the people of England to victory and freedom. He marries a beautiful and elegant Cornish woman name Guinevere and together, they rule the land of Camelot. But war continues for the young Arthur and he is forced to establish his knights of the round table, men willing to fight for Britain’s independence.

This week TV shows & schedule – Medieval History

History Channel:


Ancient Discoveries: Ancient Commandoes (11:00am-12:00pm)
Exactly as they do today, ancient commandos fought deep behind enemy lines in some of the harshest terrains know to man. Battle through storms and five foot snowdrifts to reveal the tech and truth behind the world earliest known ski commandos. Journey to the deserts of Egypt and reveal how a tiny army beat off a major invasion force using deception and a bunch of farm animals. The famous Bayeux tapestry that tells the story of the last invasion of England in 1066 hides a secret clue to the triumph of an elite fighting force. We reveal how the simple stirrup changed the entire course of history. Then, uncover the secrets of the Naftun–one of the ancient worlds most feared and successful commando units


Cities of the Underworld: 11 – Dracula’s Playground (10:00-11:00am)
Rich in legends and folklore visit the city of Bucharest, Romania and learn about its most famous citizen, Vlad the Impaler, more commonly known as Dracula. Travel underground to separate the myth from reality as secret prisons, caves and dungeons are revealed. Only through the bleak subterranean stretches can one come face-to-face with the Impaler and the truth about this infamous Romanian ruler. Join host Don Wildman as he braves eerie tombs and clandestine tunnels to discover the “Son of the Devil.”

The Real Dracula (11:00am – 12:00pm)
In a country torn by bloody civil war, a young man seizes power. In his native tongue, he is called Dracula. This is not the vampire, Count Dracula, but a real historical figure: a Romanian prince. Dracula was a warlord who became known all across Europe for both his breathtaking courage and his terrifying cruelty. But he also left an enduring legacy. Not just in blood, but also in brick, mortar, and stone. He constructed palaces. He founded the city that was to become his country’s capital. He also built one of Eastern Europe’s most breathtaking mountaintop castles. Now, with state-of-the-art computer animation, we’ll bring Dracula’s lost world back to life: his birthplace in the fortified town of Sighisoara; the gothic splendor of Transylvania’s Bran Castle; the sumptuous palace of Targoviste; and the real castle Dracula, Poenari.

National Geographic Channel


Lost Gold of the Dark Ages (7:00-8:00pm)
Lost Gold of the Dark Ages chronicles the amazing story of how an amateur metal-detecting enthusiast discovered a gold hoard of more than 1,500 artifacts dating back a millennium, and valued at over $5 million.