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Bookish is a new online community for book lovers. It is designed to connect readers with books they love as well as one another. The site covers a myriad of genres, subjects, and authors. It has a unique tool that allows you to input a book you recently read, and… Read More »Bookish

The San Juan Mountains, Colorado

Some photos from my recent hiking/camping trip to the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. The majority of the photos are from the day we hiked up Handies Peak, which is over 14,000 ft.

Bartleby, DailyLit and Wikibooks

The following are literary Web sites I came across: Bartleby Bartleby is the preeminent Internet publisher of literature, reference, and verse providing students, researchers and the intellectually curious with unlimited access to books and information on the web, free of charge. The site also offers an encyclopedia, dictionary and thesaurus.… Read More »Bartleby, DailyLit and Wikibooks

Follow Me on Twitter

I’ve needed to add this to my site for a while but have just now gotten around to it. You can follow me on Twitter at the following address: I’ve also added a link in the right sidebar to my Twitter profile. Most of the time, my tweets relate… Read More »Follow Me on Twitter

Updated Currently Reading

It’s been a few weeks, but I’ve updated my currently reading section. At the moment, I’m reading a couple of non-fiction medieval history books: The Warrior of God – Jan Zizka and the Hussite Revolution by Victor Verney, and The Crucible of the Middle Ages by Geoffrey Barraclough (book 2… Read More »Updated Currently Reading


FullBooks.Com is another site that provides the entire text of thousands of books online. A few days ago, I posted about, a similar site that offers novels and short stories and poetry. has more than just fiction, and it’s catalog is huge. One thing I don’t like is… Read More »FullBooks.Com

Database Error

My site was having some database issues last night, so if you visited the site and saw an error page, that is what was happening. My host has resolved the problem now, and everything looks good. Sorry for the inconvenience.

10 Most Puzzling Ancient Artifacts

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This is not medieval related — it’s actually pre-medieval — but I enjoy archaeology and found this article interesting (except for the blurb at the beginning about the Bible being fictitious). The ten artifacts mentioned include: The Grooved Spheres The Dropa Stones The Ica Stones The Antikythera Mechanism The Baghdad… Read More »10 Most Puzzling Ancient Artifacts