Cracking the Viking Rune Code

Mysterious Viking Rune Code Cracked? By Ida Kvittingen Why did Vikings sometimes use codes when they wrote in runes? Were the messages secret, or did they have other reasons for encrypting their runic texts? Researchers still don’t know for sure. But Runologist K. Jonas Nordby thinks he has made progress toward an answer. He has Read more about Cracking the Viking Rune Code[…]

Today in Medieval History: Happy Leif Erikson Day!

Today is officially Leif Erikson Day. Commemorated as a national holiday by President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964, the holiday is an observance of Leif Erikson and his companions as the first known Europeans to set foot in North America. The holiday gives the nation a chance to honor the contributions of Americans of Nordic Read more about Today in Medieval History: Happy Leif Erikson Day![…]

Secrets of the Viking Sword

I recently came across the Secrets of the Viking Sword documentary streaming on Netflix. The documentary is very interesting as it details how the famous Ulfberht sword was forged during that period. Unlike any sword of its day, the Ulfberht viking sword was far superior to its counterparts in how it was constructed. The documentary explains why Read more about Secrets of the Viking Sword[…]

Pre-Viking tunic found on glacier

Reuters: OSLO — A pre-Viking woolen tunic found beside a thawing glacier in south Norway shows how global warming is proving something of a boon for archaeology, scientists said on Thursday. The greenish-brown, loose-fitting outer clothing — suitable for a person up to about 5 feet, 9 inches tall (176 centimeters) — was found 6,560 Read more about Pre-Viking tunic found on glacier[…]