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Harry Potter in Troll

The character Harry Potter apparently appeared in the 1986 film Troll starring Noah Hathaway and June Lockhart and directed by John Carl Buechler. Not the same Harry Potter, although both films do share a commonality in their use of magic. Harry Potter (Noah Hathaway) and his family move into a… Read More »Harry Potter in Troll

Good Writing is Simple

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I came across this excerpt from an unpublished novel the other day. “Through this mantic glass I watch Manayunk dissolve. Perhaps the rain’s pursuing mist inoculates its vision, or its pandect vantage from this garret dormer. Or perhaps no eyes can ever be so low to truly see from ground… Read More »Good Writing is Simple

What’s It About?

If you tell someone you’re writing a novel, one of the first questions most people will ask you is “What’s it about?” Such a tough question to answer, especially when I was writing the first draft. It seems like the author should be able to easily describe what his/her novel… Read More »What’s It About?

The Worst Sentence of the Year

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This was forwarded to me in an email this morning: For the past 25 years, San Jose State University’s English department has been asking writers to do their worst. That is, to submit the worst opening sentence of the worst imaginary novel they can, well, imagine. The Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest… Read More »The Worst Sentence of the Year

Chapter 1: How I Got Started

Storytelling in written form goes back as far as Virgil and Homer and even the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh and Indian narratives such as Ramayana and Mahabharata, though the oral tradition of passing down stories dates far beyond that, before recorded time. Stories enrich our lives and increase our knowledge;… Read More »Chapter 1: How I Got Started