Write On by Kindle

A friend of mine recently introduced me to Write On by Kindle. It’s an Amazon sponsored writing community where writers openly share their writing projects, and readers provide feedback. I just signed up yesterday and posted the first chapter of my novel. From the little I’ve perused thus far, the quality of writing and feedback seems really good.

The first chapter of my novel can be found under my profile. I look forward to posting more here as well as following other writers and giving feedback on other stories. There is an option to browse by genre, and it looks as though the most recently revised stories show up at the top. So if you post new chapters or stories or revise your current stories, this should be a way to have your stories filter back to the top of the queue and hopefully gain more visibility and followers.

Novel, chapter 3

I decided to go ahead and post chapter 3 of my novel. It’s under My Novel in the top navigation. I felt the first three chapters would give my readers a better sample of my characters and story. Feedback is always welcome. Also, when you’re submitting to agents, oftentimes he/she will ask for the first ten pages or first chapter of your novel, along with a query letter and synopsis. If you make it beyond this stage, the agent may then ask to read more chapters or the entire manuscript. As such, in my opinion, your first three chapters (or first 50 pages) need to be strong in order to hook your readers into finishing the entire novel.

Novel update

I’ve recently updated my website and migrated hosts, so I hope to start posting more content again regularly and working on shopping my novel again. The plan is to start submitting to literary agents again over the summer. In the past, these were some literary agencies I had looked at.

I am fortunate enough to say that after submitting to a dozen or so agencies last year, I had two requests to submit my full manuscript. Ultimately, they passed, but my hope is renewed to find an agent that will represent it.

I’ve posted chapter 1 and chapter 2, which can be also be found in the navigation under My Novel > Chapter 1 or Chapter 2. I will post chapter 3 at a later date, and beyond that, we will see. If I get a large number of reader requests to post more, I may oblige.

Happy writing to all aspiring novelists out there! Persistence is key.