Oldest cannonball in England found

From Fox News: The oldest surviving cannonball in England has been rediscovered on a medieval battlefield. The cannonball, which was lost for several years, was likely used in the Battle of Northampton in 1460, one of the battles in the decades-long Wars of the Roses. The giant ball has two large dents from a few Read more about Oldest cannonball in England found[…]

Review of Stormbird (Wars of the Roses) by Conn Iggulden

There is no romance at the heart of war. Conn Iggulden captures this sentiment perfectly in his latest novel, Stormbird (Wars of the Roses). The medieval period is often glamorized as a period of chivalry and romance in many films and novels, so I was relieved when Iggulden did not fall into this typical cliche. His writing Read more about Review of Stormbird (Wars of the Roses) by Conn Iggulden[…]