Write On by Kindle

A friend of mine recently introduced me to Write On by Kindle. It’s an Amazon sponsored writing community where writers openly share their writing projects, and readers provide feedback. I just signed up yesterday and posted the first chapter of my novel. From the little I’ve perused thus far, the quality of writing and feedback seems really good.

The first chapter of my novel can be found under my profile. I look forward to posting more here as well as following other writers and giving feedback on other stories. There is an option to browse by genre, and it looks as though the most recently revised stories show up at the top. So if you post new chapters or stories or revise your current stories, this should be a way to have your stories filter back to the top of the queue and hopefully gain more visibility and followers.

i.e. vs e.g

Here’s a quick grammar tip for today. You’ve probably wondered the rule behind when to use i.e. versus when to use e.g.

Both i.e and e.g. are based in Latin.  I.e.stands for id est, meaning “that is.” E.g. stands for exempli gratia, meaning “for example.”

I was reading a good way to remember this, according to the Grammar Girl, is to associate i.e., which starts with the letter i, by “in other words.” Associate E.g., which starts with e, with for example.

i = “in other words”

e = “example”

New agency alerts

For those that are seeking agents, the Writer’s Digest new agency alerts is a good listing of agents seeking to build their client lists. The agents listed often are looking for debut authors.

I subscribe to this list, and comb through it from time to time just to see if anything fits with my novel genre. A lot of agents these days seem to be seeking YA, so if that’s your genre, then this list might be helpful.