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The Red Cross of Gold by Brendan Carroll - Medieval Historical Fiction - TemplarsThis is the Kindle Edition of the book. The cover grabbed my attention, and it received good reviews, so I thought I’d feature it.

The Red Cross of Gold I:. The Knight of Death
by Brendan Carroll
Format: Kindle Edition
File Size: 804 KB
Print Length: 386 pages

Product Description:

An apparent kidnapping and rape become the first steps in a mystical journey for the Chevalier du Morte when a routine mission precipitates a spiritual fall from grace. As the tables turn on the abductors, the immortal Knight sinks in a corrupt quagmire of sin while fighting to recover his lost purpose and identity. In the process, he almost destroys the Ancient Order of the Red Cross of Gold when his beloved Brothers turn against him and hunt him down, determined to take him home, in one piece or two.

The immortal Knights of the Council of Twelve comprise the ruling body of the clandestine Order of the Red Cross of Gold, Poor Knights of Solomon’s Temple. Some of them have been around since the Crusades in the Holy Lands, secretly directing, aiding and abetting world events that they believe will eventually culminate in the ultimate confrontation of Good and Evil at Armageddon. As Knights of Christ, they live, fight and die safely as God’s executioners in the service of the Master of the Universe.

As Assassin and Alchemist for the Order, Mark Ramsay’s dark occupations keep him buried in an old mansion in the Scottish lowlands most of the time, but occasionally, when someone needs killing, he is called out to perform his duties as Assassin. He holds the mysterious, divine mystery of the Key of Death and not only has the responsibility of ridding the world of certain criminal elements and undesirable influences; he is the only means of release for his immortal Brothers whenever they are accidentally injured beyond recovery. Ramsay has the ultimate job security. His services are indispensable to the Order and even though his Brothers normally shun his presence and even fear him, they cannot afford to lose him at the risk of suffering forever, eternally locked in physical bodies from whence there is no escape should the unthinkable happen. Without the Knight of Death’s services, the Order would not only lose its financial backing, it would fall into ruin and decay.

Sir Ramsay considers himself a simple man and wants nothing more than to live out his years in the relative seclusion offered by the beautifully rolling meadows in Lothian, Scotland. But things are not so simple for the Chevalier du Morte. He has deep-seated emotional and mental problems stemming from personal tragedies suffered during the Crusades. His life as a virtual hermit is about to change drastically when he briefly loses all memory of his life before a certain moment in time when he awakens in the midst of a brutal beating in a serene pecan grove in Central Texas. His past is erased completely and for a few glorious, but tumultuous days, he lives life as a normal man outside the influence of the Order of the Poor Knights of Solomon’s Temple, finding love in the middle of a nightmare. His life will never be the same once he begins to reckon time as ‘Before Meredith’ and ‘After Meredith’.

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