Knights of Mayhem

In conjunction with post about the sport of jousting making a comeback, Knights of Mayhem is premiering on NatGeo November 15, which is a new series dedicated to the folks who are trying to make jousting the next extreme sport.

About the show:

Will full-contact professional jousting be the next extreme sport? For some, it is a real-life passion and thrives outside of the movies and Renaissance fairs. Charlie Andrews leads the “Knights of Mayhem,” a group of modern-day Lancelots and Galahads dedicated to transforming this medieval sport from a staged act to a professional sports phenomenon that will sweep the globe. For these “knights,” jousting is no dinner show. Donning 130 pounds of steel armor, they mount 2,000-pound horses and charge at each other with solid hemlock lances at speeds up to 30-mph, while peering through a quarter-inch eye slot in their helmets. When lance and knight collide, riders struggle to control their horses and absorb devastating impacts with potential for concussions, broken bones and far worse.

5 thoughts on “Knights of Mayhem”

  1. The show is informative and entertaining. Why andrews needs to drop the “F” bomb every other word to make his point is a little overkill. I taped the show and allowed my grandson to watch it because the “F” word is bleeped… but of course my g-son did catch on to the swearing… one time here and there might have passed over the kids head, but Andrews is relentless with the “F” word… Maybe it’s habit for him? Makes him feel grown up? Maybe a show of limited vocabulary? He uses swearing as an intidmidating / controlling factor for others, he is expressing himself in a bully manner. Due to Andrews behaviors my g-son won’t be watching until he is older. If Andrews wants to promote the sport of Jousting he should have thought of the message he would be sending with his language and bullying actions, especially with concern of younger audience… it’s the younger people he needs to make interested in order to bing the sport to the next level.

  2. Mondy – I haven’t had the chance to watch it yet, so I have to reserve judgement until I see it. I do agree that excessive use of that kind of language can become tiresome after a while.

  3. Fake Navy Seal Jouster
    Charley Andrews a.k.a. Charles Mason for the last 6 years has built his world around being an former Navy seal, and combat vet. all lies check the truth on the net or Navy Seal records.
    This is what NatGeo new and still aired the show.
    Shame on the people who say OH WELL! lets just make money.
    Tell it to the family’s of fallen vet’s.

  4. What I find more interesting, is the fact that Patrick Lambke is former military, has some movie credits, does stunt work AND jousts.

    Nat Geo should follow him more closely, let us see his life around jousting. He has more to offer than Charlie the braggard, when it comes to those of us sitting in front of the screen watching.

    Dump Charlie, give us more of the other jousters, and show us the process before they enter the lists.

  5. I can say this about Charlie Andrews he does not have the balls or backbone to be a Navy Seal. I can say this because I have trained with him at a local mixed martial arts gym in Utah and I can say for a fact that he lacks the mental and physical discipline it takes to endure that profession. I am an infantry Marine with a combat tour in Iraq in 2003. He has insulted every man who has ever had to deal with the horrors of combat. He is a disgrace!

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