Cathedrals of Britain

From the BBC:

The cathedrals of Britain span the millennium – from the cathedrals dating from the 1100s to the modern cathedrals found in Liverpool and Coventry. They display a wide array of architectural styles from Early English Gothic, to the majesty of the Renaissance at St Paul’s and the sixties modernism of Liverpool’s Roman Catholic Cathedral. In the Middle Ages and up to the Reformation in the 1500s, the Church enjoyed enormous power and wealth, and cathedrals are eloquent symbols of its dominant place in British society.

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This article cover:

  • Salisbury Cathedral
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral
  • St. Michael’s of Conventry
  • Winchester Cathedral
  • Wells Cathedral
  • St. Magnus Cathedral
  • Lincoln Cathedral
  • Liverpool’s Cathedrals

with links to many other cathedrals in Britain.

You might also find interesting the BBC video, “The Medieval Mind: How to Build a Cathedral.

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