Bone found at English abbey could be King Alfred the Great

From Fox News:
British archeologists are hoping they have discovered partial remains of the ninth-century’s King Alfred the Great at a medieval abbey in southwest England.
Preliminary tests suggest that a pelvic bone found in a museum box is either Alfred, or his son, Kind Edward the Elder. The bone was among remains excavated some 15 years ago […]

Anglo-Saxon coffin uncovered in Lincoln Castle

From Culture24:
Experts say a shoe-wearing skeleton, found as part of an excavation on a church beneath Lincoln Castle dating back at least 1,000 years, should reveal much about the Saxon city ahead of radiocarbon dating on its hidden coffin
The bones of a holy figure, still wearing shoes and initially wrapped in a finely-woven textile, have […]

Archaeologists further knowledge of Palace in Sherwood Forest

From Heritage Daily:
Archaeologists have helped to prove the size and thus the importance of a Palace that formed the royal heart of Sherwood Forest in the medieval period, by discovering and excavating the previously unknown boundary ditch of the site.
The ruins of King John’s Palace in Kings Clipstone are a local landmark famous for their association […]

Richard III’s lost chapel near York

From The Press, article by Emily Flanagan
ARCHAEOLOGISTS near York believe they have found a chapel built by Richard III to commemorate the Yorkist victory in one of the bloodiest battles ever fought on English soil.As the row continues over whether the Plantagenet king should be buried in York or Leicester, a discovery in a peaceful field […]

Ancient road leading to Stonehenge

From Fox News:
Scientists have uncovered a portion of an ancient path that may have led to Stonehenge.
While dismantling a modern road that runs near Stonehenge, the archaeologists uncovered two ditches found to be remnants of an ancient pathway called the avenue. Archaeologists have known of the avenue and suspected it led directly to the monument, […]

Badger unearths medieval grave

From Fox News:
Some archaeologists pore over old maps and manuscripts to make historical discoveries. Others rely on pick axes, trowels and other tools.
But archaeologists in Germany simply turned to badgers, the digging mammals that are the bane of gardeners everywhere. A badger living in the countryside near the town of Stolpe recently uncovered a remarkable site: […]

Coffin within a coffin found at Richard III’s grave

From Fox News:
Archaeologists have uncovered a mysterious coffin-within-a-coffin while excavating the final resting place of King Richard III.
The University of Leicester team opened the lid of a medieval stone coffin this week during the final week of their second dig at the Grey Friars site where the British king was found last September.
The stone coffin […]

Mysterious medieval mansion uncovered at British construction site

From Fox News:
It sounds like a case for Sherlock Holmes: a 900-year-old medieval manor mysteriously vanishes, only to be uncovered later by British archaeologists.
The ancient site has been stripped of its materials except for the foundation — and there is no record of it ever existing…
…”This is a significant find and therefore very exciting, particularly as […]

Saxon skeleton uncovered in Lincoln Castle

From the Telegraph:
A Saxon skeleton believed to be a king or bishop has been discovered in Lincoln Castle.
The Saxon skeleton was in a stone sarcophagus believed to date from about AD900.
Its sarcophagus has not yet been opened but an endoscopy revealed the remains were buried alongside other objects, such as gold.
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Medieval city discovered in Cambodian jungle

A lost city known only from inscriptions that existed some 1,200 years ago near Angkor in what is now Cambodia has been uncovered using airborne laser scanning.
The previously undocumented cityscape, called Mahendraparvata, is hidden beneath a dense forest on the holy mountain Phnom Kulen, which means “Mountain of the Lychees.”
The cityscape came into clear […]