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An ancient proverb speaks of destiny. The flames do not lie. Fate is unalterable.

The king of Aricin is dead, assassinated at the hands of an ambitious family. When a power struggle ensues over who will sit the throne next, Caelen, a minor noble, vows to destroy the usurper king. It is his destiny to fulfill the blood price, for the man who assassinated the king is also responsible for murdering Caelen’s father and brothers. For Caelen, justice and vengeance are the same. It is a man’s fate to restore his family’s honor. And sometimes the fate of one man is the same as another’s, for the usurper king also has a blood price to collect, one that can only be settled once he has destroyed the man who ruined his own family decades ago.

Price of a Blood Oath is the debut, historical / epic fantasy novel by Steven Till. Based upon his hours of research as an independent scholar of medieval history, the story derives much of its influence from the societies of France, England, and Scandinavia from the 11th through the 13th centuries.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3