Who were the Vikings?

From the Jorvik Viking Center. A collection of quick, historical articles detailing the lives of the Norsemen. Subjects cover: Who were the Vikings? Where did they come from? What did they look like? How did they live? What happened to them? Place names Timeline Excerpt from “Who were the Vikings?” Often the name Viking conjures Read more about Who were the Vikings?[…]

Vikings traded first, plundered later

From Live Science: The Viking Age may not have started with the plundering of England, but with the peaceful trading of handcrafted combs made out of reindeer antlers, a new study suggests. Until now, researchers thought the Viking Age began in June 793, when Norwegian Vikings raided Lindisfarne, an island off the northeast coast of Read more about Vikings traded first, plundered later[…]

Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga

Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga by William W. Fitzhugh The story of the Viking expansion west across the North Atlantic between AD. 800 and 1000, the settlement of Iceland and Greenland, and the exploration of northeastern North America, is a chapter of history that deserves to be more widely known. Norse discoveries in the North Read more about Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga[…]