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Tewkesbury Abbey

As one of the most recognizable religious buildings in England, Tewkesbury Abbey stands along the river Avon on a site possibly once occupied by an 8th century Benedictine monastery. In the year 1087, King William gave the Manor of Tewkesbury to Robert FitzHamon, and in 1092, Robert and the Abbot… Read More »Tewkesbury Abbey

Medieval History in 3D

Google’s 3D Warehouse allows you to search through 3D models of various kinds of collections and models that people have sketched. You can find all kinds of medieval related items: castles, buildings, cathedrals, weapons, etc. You can search in broad terms (e.g. – medieval castles), or more specifically, such as… Read More »Medieval History in 3D

Amiens Cathedral

Five archteypical Gothic medieval cathedrals still exist in France today, one of which is Amiens Cathedral, located in Amiens, the major city of Picardy, in the Somme River valley just north of Paris. The other four cathedrals include Bourges, Chatres, Rheims, and Soissons. Amiens contains a choir with ambulatory, seven… Read More »Amiens Cathedral