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Medieval Art Goes 3D

A new exhibition showing the works of Italian medieval master Giotto, allows visitors to watch restorers at work and to ”step inside” the artist’s paintings thanks to 3D technology. Stuart McDill reports. Video at

Fantasy Artist: Michael Komarck

Michael Komarck creates stunning artistic portraits and scenes to go along with George R.R Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series. Komarck’s fantasy art is featured in the 2009 A Song of Ice and Fire calendar. In addition to his fantasy artwork, Komarck also illustrates detailed historical figures including:… Read More »Fantasy Artist: Michael Komarck

Fantasy Art

The Runes of the Earth Featured Artist: Michael Whelan Since 1980, Michael Whelan has been one of the world’s premier fantasy and science fiction artists. He is currently working full time on his fine art paintings, but in the past three decades he has created more than 350 book and… Read More »Fantasy Art