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Photos of Warwick Castle

A special thanks to Joan Szechtman for allowing me to post her photos of Warwick Castle. Joan is the author of This Time, a novel about Richard III in the 21st century. Her two follow-up novels, Loyalty Binds Me and Strange Times, are already in development. Visit Joan at her… Read More »Photos of Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle

Constructed around 914AD on the orders of Ethelfleda, daughter of Alfred the Great, Warwick Castle was at first only an earthen rampart on top of a hill built to protect the citizens of Warwick from Danish invaders. Over the centuries, several additions were made to strengthen the defenses and update… Read More »Warwick Castle

Kilchurn Castle

The morning mist hovers over Loch Awe, and across the lake, on the northeastern edge, Kilchurn Castle and the mountains beyond reflect in the still waters, transporting visitors back to a time when the Campbells of Glenorchy ruled this region. All that stands today are the castle ruins, but Kilchurn… Read More »Kilchurn Castle

Hedingham Castle

The 110-foot tall keep of Hedingham Castle still towers above the landscape of modern day England. Surrounded by trees and an open green stretching away from the main entrance stairway, the Norman keep stands as the last remnant of a once magnificent medieval castle. Home to the de Vere family… Read More »Hedingham Castle