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Today in Medieval History

Nov. 20 1316 – King John 1, called The Posthumous, died. He was only five years old. His uncle, Phillip V, was accused of causing his death.

Bamburgh Castle

Towering 150 feet above the northeast coastline of England, the castle of Bamburgh sits as a formidable defense, a testament to the once great glory of the Northumbrian kingdom. The first written reference to the castle is around 547 AD, when the Anglo-Saxon ruler Ida of Bernicia established the castle… Read More »Bamburgh Castle

Today in Medieval History

August 31, 1422: Death of Henry V, King of England On 10 June 1421, Henry sailed back to France for what would be his last military campaign. From July to August, Henry’s forces besieged and captured Dreux, thus relieving allied forces at Chartres. That October, his forces lay siege to… Read More »Today in Medieval History

World Timelines places 2,000 artifacts from museums around the British Isles in their geographical and chronological context. You can navigate using interactive maps and timelines by various regions. If you’re looking at the British Isles, for instance, it breaks that region down further into Northern England, Central England, Southern England, etc.,… Read More »World Timelines

Today in Medieval History

I didn’t get around to posting this over the weekend, but I wanted to go back to September 11 for a look at that day in history. One of the most well-known events (made popular by the movie Braveheart) was the Battle of Stirling Bridge. The Battle of Stirling Bridge… Read More »Today in Medieval History


World-ology is a site for interactive maps, timelines, and articles of world history. The interactive maps are especially interesting as they chart a region, period, or event in history along a specific timeline. As you change the dates on the timeline, the maps change correspondingly. Naturally, I find the Middle… Read More »World-ology

Today in Medieval History

On this date, July 14, in medieval history: The Bayeux Tapestry is first presented at the dedication of Bishop Odo’s cathedral

Today in Medieval History

On this date, June 3, in medieval history: 1083 – Henry IV of Germany attacks Rome and captures St. Peter’s Cathedral 1098 – The crusaders capture Antioch (1st Crusade) 1162 – St. Thomas Becket is consecrated Archbishop by Henry II