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Writing Tips

i.e. vs e.g

Here’s a quick grammar tip for today. You’ve probably wondered the rule behind when to use i.e. versus when to use e.g. Both i.e and e.g. are based in Latin.  I.e.stands for id est, meaning “that is.” E.g. stands for exempli gratia, meaning “for example.” I was reading a good way to remember… Read More »i.e. vs e.g

Writing a novel synopsis

I’m finally getting around to writing the dreaded novel synopsis. The synopsis is probably the most challenging item when putting together materials in order to be considered for publication. Not every agent I’ve found requests a synopsis. Everyone is different. Some want a query, synopsis, and the first few pages of… Read More »Writing a novel synopsis

Blogs of Interest

I’ve compiled a list of blog topics related to medieval history, historical fiction, fantasy, fiction writing, or industry news. Here’s a brief rundown: Mark Lord dicusses Medieval Myths about Witchcraft and Sorcery ABC will air an hourlong documentary about the woman behind the boy wizard, “J.K Rowling: A Year in… Read More »Blogs of Interest

911 Writer’s Block

911 Writer’s Block: An interactive site to help you break writer’s block. Press a number for help with a particular area of writing. Exercises include: settings, characters, dramatic entrances, dialogue, commiserate, verbs, calisthenics, killing off a character, endings, and more. *image retrieved from, credit to Writer’s Association