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Who versus Whom

This is one of those tough grammar questions in writing that even I have a tough time remembering. When do I use who and when do I use whom? The following is an easy way to remember this distinction. Use who when you could replace it with he or she. Example… Read More »Who versus Whom

Medieval Term of the Day: Scutage

Scutage Pronunciation: \?skü-tij, ?skyü-\ Function: noun Etymology: Middle English, from Medieval Latin scutagium, from Latin scutum shield Date: 15th century The sum that the holder of a knight’s fee may pay his lord in lieu of military service. Sometimes used as a form of tax.  

Historical Fiction Resources

Just a couple of recent historical fiction resources I’ve run across in the past few days: Reading Historical Fiction Squidoo Lens by Susan Higginbotham Enjoy reading historical fiction? Just getting interested in it? Here are some useful sites for readers (or prospective readers) of historical fiction. You’re bound to find something… Read More »Historical Fiction Resources