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Arms and Armor

Blacksmithing in the Middle Ages

Blacksmithing in the Middle Ages, particularly in France and England, played a vital role in shaping the medieval world. Blacksmiths were highly skilled craftsmen who forged essential tools, weapons, and other items needed for daily life. Their techniques and methods were essential for the development of medieval society. In medieval… Read More »Blacksmithing in the Middle Ages

medieval knights in plate armor

Making suits of armor

Watch how suits of armor are constructed in this How It’s Made program, originally aired on the Discovery channel. How It’s Made – Suits of Armor Here is also an interesting article from the Scientific American on how medieval armor may have been more of a hindrance than a benefit on… Read More »Making suits of armor

The Medieval Warhorse

“Observing this, [Duke] William gave a signal to his troops, that, feigning flight, they should withdraw from the field. By means of this device the solid phalanx of the English opened for the purpose of cutting down the fleeing enemy and thus brought upon itself swift destruction; for the Normans,… Read More »The Medieval Warhorse

The Medieval Sword

For purposes of this post, I will focus on the medieval sword of Western Europe, namely England and France and Scandinavia, from the 10th to the 13th century. The sword was an instrumental weapon for the knight during the Middle Ages. As most combat was conducted up close hand-to-hand, you… Read More »The Medieval Sword