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Writing a novel synopsis

I’m finally getting around to writing the dreaded novel synopsis. The synopsis is probably the most challenging item when putting together materials in order to be considered for publication. Not every agent I’ve found requests a synopsis. Everyone is different. Some want a query, synopsis, and the first few pages of… Read More »Writing a novel synopsis

Will self-publishing hurt my chances of getting published traditionally?

Rachelle Gardner of the Wordserve Literary Group has an interesting post relating to self-publishing versus traditional publishing. Her answer to the question above is basically “no,” self-publishing will not necessarily hurt your chances of getting published traditionally. I have to agree with her. Self-publishing used to have a negative stigma to it, but… Read More »Will self-publishing hurt my chances of getting published traditionally?

Alt History Magazine

Alt History is a start-up magazine dedicated to short works of historical fiction and alternate history. There are not a lot of vehicles available for writers of short stories in these genres, so it’s nice to see a new magazine covering these areas. Accepted stories will be published as an… Read More »Alt History Magazine

Marketing Your Novel

Fellow blogger and author Robert Treskillard has a creative method for marketing his latest novel, Merlin’s Blade. He has printed off several hard-bound copies to send out to other published authors he has met in an effort to receive positive endorsements from these authors. He will then use these endorsements… Read More »Marketing Your Novel

The Book Trailer Blog

The Book Trailer Blog An interesting site showing how people use video as a viral marketing medium to promote their books.