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Self-Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing

The Caren Johnson Literary Agency discusses the world of self-publishing in this time of economic slowdown.

I personally agree with the agency’s opinion that traditional publishing is the first route you should seek as a new author, though some have had major success with self-publishing and then later having an agent or publisher pick up the novel. Regardless, the percentage of people who successfully self-publish is still far less than those who go through the traditional agent or publisher first.

2 thoughts on “Self-Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing”

  1. I’m going to self-publish initially just to have a book in my hand, but I’ll continue to pursue traditional publishing.

    I would like to see more info on how to go about finding publishers, especially small presses that would be friendly to first-time novelists.

  2. David, good to hear from you again. How’s your own novel coming along? I’d suggest looking at the Novel and Short Story Writers Market books to perhaps find some of the publishers you’re searching for.

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