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Revision Exercise

Most of the time when I need to revise my writing, I find all kinds of excuses to not do it. It’s a mentally labor intensive process to think about all that needs to be done when you look back on your old work and realize it needs a face lift. This time for me was a little bit different of a challenge. I wasn’t revising an old short story or even my novel or a medieval historical research piece, I was revising the entire contents of my website. I realized there are lot of out of date items, some not so relevant anymore, and others where it was just simply lack of good original content.

So I went back through all my posts over the last 15 years, which was quite a lot, even though I haven’t consistently posted much of anything in the last two years. I’d like my site going forward to provide more valuable content with more thought put into each post. Not sure how often that will happen or what my schedule will be like, but it’s my goal at least.

For any long time readers of my site, if there is anything in particular you would like to see me post about, please let me know in the comment section below.
Thank you!

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