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Writing Resources

Authonomy and Backspace

Authonomy and Backspace are online writing communities for authors, readers, agents and publishers. Authonomy — developed by book editors at HarperCollins — invites aspiring writers to submit their works and build their online profiles. Readers, agents and publishers are also invited to join the community and support the best new… Read More »Authonomy and Backspace


WEbook is an online book publishing company that fosters an environment for writers, editors, reviewers, artists, and readers to come together to meet, write and collaborate on works of fiction and non-fiction, short stories, essays, and more. WEbook is a place for creative writing groups, aspiring novelists, and readers who… Read More »WEbook

Name Generators (Includes Medieval and Fantasy Name Generators) – An interesting site with all kinds of random generators, including: Medieval Name Generator Fantasy Name Generator Character Description Generator Place Name Generator City Generator Stronghold Creator Fantasy Place Name Generator Fantasy Novel Titles Plot Twist Generator And more … Some of these could be good starting points for… Read More »Name Generators (Includes Medieval and Fantasy Name Generators)

911 Writer’s Block

911 Writer’s Block: An interactive site to help you break writer’s block. Press a number for help with a particular area of writing. Exercises include: settings, characters, dramatic entrances, dialogue, commiserate, verbs, calisthenics, killing off a character, endings, and more. *image retrieved from, credit to Writer’s Association

The Historical Novel Society

The Historical Novel Society promotes all aspects of historical fiction, providing a community for authors, aspiring writers, readers, agents, and publishers, as well as the latest information on new historical fiction novels. Every quarter, the society publishes the Historical Novels Review magazine. Historical Novels Review is the best place to… Read More »The Historical Novel Society

Additional Writing Resources

I’ve added a couple of more writing resources to my bookshelf. The Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market and the Guide to Literary Agents are essential resources for any writer looking to publish his/her work. Writers Digest Books publishes both of these reference guides. Guide to Literary Agents provides a… Read More »Additional Writing Resources

Updated Bookshelf

I’ve updated my bookshelf with more fiction titles (mostly medieval historical fiction and fantasy titles though others are included), more medieval non-fiction resources, and more writing resources. Please send me your recommendations as well. I’m always eager to read authors I’ve never read before.